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1. Safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare

1.1 Safeguarding children

1.1.1 Children’s rights and entitlements

1.1.2 Safeguarding children and child protection (including Prevent Duty & Promoting British Values) [Updated May 2018]

1.1.3 Looked after children

1.1.4 Confidentiality and client access to records [Updated May 2018]

1.1.5 Information sharing [Updated May 2018]

1.1.6 Uncollected child

1.1.7 Missing child

1.1.8 Supervision of children on outings and visits

1.1.9 Maintaining children’s safety and security on premises

1.1.10 Complaints procedure

1.1.11 Mobile phone policy

1.1.12 Social networking policy

1.1.13 Emergency closure

1.2 Equality of opportunity

1.2.1 Valuing diversity and promoting equality

1.2.2 Supporting children with special educational needs

1.2.3 Achieving positive behaviour

1.2.4 English as a foreign language

1.3 Promoting health and hygiene

1.3.1 Animals in the setting

1.3.2 Administering medicines

1.3.3 Managing children with allergies, or who are sick or infectious (including reporting notifiable diseases)

1.3.4 Nappy changing

1.3.5 No-smoking

1.3.6 Food and drink

1.3.7 First aid

1.3.8 Sun protection [Updated June 2019]

1.3.9 Critical incident

2. Suitable People

2.1 Employment

2.1.1 Employment and staffing (Including vetting, contingency plans, training and development)

2.1.2 Induction of staff, volunteers and managers

2.1.3 Student placements

2.1.4 Alcohol and other substances

2.1.5 Safe recruitment process

3. Suitable premises, environment and equipment

3.1 Health and Safety

3.1.1 Risk assessment

3.1.2 Health and safety general standards

3.1.3 Fire safety and emergency evacuation

3.1.4 Recording and reporting of accidents and incidents (Including procedure for reporting to HSE, RIDDOR)

3.1.5 Food hygiene (Including procedure for reporting food poisoning)

4. Organisation

4.1 Administration

4.1.1 Admissions

4.1.2 Allocation of places

4.1.3 Fees and funding [updated September 2018]

4.1.4 Reserves [updated November 2017]

4.2 Child care practice

4.2.1 The role of the key person and settling-in

4.3 Partnership

4.3.1 Parental involvement [Updated May 2018]

4.3.2 Working in partnership with other agencies [Updated May 2018]

4.3.3 Parent and carer volunteers

5. Documentation

5.1 Record Keeping

5.1.1 Children’s records [Updated May 2018]

5.1.2 Provider records [Updated May 2018]

5.1.3 Transfer of records to school [Updated May 2018]

5.1.4 Privacy Notice [Updated May 2018]

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