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Pizza time

The children’s interests led us to creating a pizza place in the role play area.

Together we made a pizza oven and our own individual pizzas adding topping of choice. The children had hours of fun and continued this play throughout the week.

Role play is great for developing social skills and getting to know the world.

At group time we worked with the speech sound “p” at home you can look for items around the house that start with the letter P.

For the younger children you can write a list of items for you to look for together e.g Pan,pen, post, pup,pig.

Today we made our own pizzas for snack, grating cheese, slicing tomatoes and adding ingredients to make the perfect pizza.

Lots of child lead fun with communication, mark making, writing, counting, adding and role-playing going on. #ancellsfarmcommunitypreschool #ancellsfarm #fleet #preschool

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